How did the Gondola Parade originate?

Koedijk historie (2)

Koedijk has a rich history and the village dates from the early 14th century.

Located in a very watery environment the population originally lived of livestock, agriculture and fishing. Especially the cabbage cultivation gave the region a boost. Transportion in the area was not an easy job because all products had to be transported by many small ditches with small boats, called field barges.

The land consolidation of the area, which took place from 1968 to 1972, made ​​everything different. The many small waterways were filled and shipping traffic was converted into wheeled traffic.

Koedijk historie (3)The first Gondola Parade was initiated on July 27, 1963 with 20 participants and held at Koedijk. Since then this is an annual event.

Our Gondola Parade will be held every 3rd Saturday in August

The Gondola attracts thousands of visitors when our picturesque canal village is illuminated with thousands of lights, nicely dressed facades and ornate gardens.

You are very welcome to visit Koedijk!